I am a multi-award-winning author, feminist and activist in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area of Minnesota. I champion youth literacy and press rights.

Missing Pieces

“A brisk thriller with a strong protagonist who expertly navigates the plot’s many twists and turns.”
—Kirkus Reviews

Attorney Madelyn Cummins navigates a challenging case involving a prominent Minnesota auto magnate, suffers an episode of transient global amnesia (TGA), and struggles to piece together the hours missing from her memory. As her nightmares reveal several shocking truths, she joins forces with women in her close-knit circle to get to the bottom of a decades-old cold case.

Darkness and Grace

2022 Independent Press Award Distinguished Favorite in the Suspense Category

Inspired by real-life events, “Darkness and Grace” is a compelling story of the Pierson family as they discover that neither their money nor their considerable influence can keep them safe from one woman’s malicious intent. It’s the classic struggle between good and evil, as well as the violent undercurrent running beneath the illusory serenity of a close-knit Midwestern family.

Salvation Station

2021 American Fiction Award Winner in the Mystery/Suspense Category

When committed female police captain Linda Turner, haunted by the murders of two small children and their pastor father, becomes obsessed with solving the harrowing case, she finds herself wrapped up in a mission to expose a fraudulent religious organization and an unrepentant killer.

About Me

I am a multi-award-winning author, feminist and activist in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area of Minnesota. My novel “Darkness and Grace,” a domestic thriller based on true events, received a 2022 Independent Press Award. My crime novel, “Salvation Station,” was honored with a 2021 American Fiction Award and was a finalist for a 2021 National Indie Excellence Award. My writing has also been featured in two anthologies and various online publications. My essay “Finding Hope in No-Man’s Land” received an honorable mention in Writer’s Digest’s Short Story Contest in 2020. Text from my academic book, “Hollywood and Catholic Women: Virgins, Whores, Mothers and Other Images,” which evolved from my master’s thesis, has been featured in college religious studies programs. When I’m not writing, I champion youth literacy and press rights, and volunteer in the education and arts communities. Friends, family, traveling, good food and wine are important aspects of my life.