Patti LaBelle and the McBride Sisters Talk Cookbooks, Cooking and Wine

The second book featured in the McBride Sisters Wine and Book Club was the 20th Anniversary Edition of Patti LaBelle’s cookbook, LaBelle Cuisine: Recipes to Sing About.To get in the spirit, I put Patti on my playlist and wondered why I hadn’t done so sooner. New Attitude, Stir It Up, On My Own, and, of... Read more

Why Authors Write

I am not a famous author, nor do I expect to be one. I write because I love telling stories. I have had the opportunity to publish two novels to incredibly positive reader feedback. Those readers are enjoying my books, which is simply thrilling.I recently had an experience with a young admirer named Gabby, which... Read more

An Interview with Educator, Editor, and ‘The Memory of Orchids’ Author, Cherri Randall

I had the opportunity to interview educator, editor, and author Cherri Randall, and it was fascinating. She has written numerous essays and the novel, The Memory of Orchids. She also teaches creative writing classes and works as an editor for the Writer’s Digest critique service, 2nd Draft.Kathryn Schleich: Where did you grow up?Cherri Randall: I... Read more

Darkness and Grace | By Kathryn Schleich

Inspired by real-life events, Darkness and Grace is a compelling story of the Pierson family as they discover that neither their money nor their considerable influence can keep them safe from one woman’s malicious intent. It’s the classic struggle between good and evil, as well as the violent undercurrent running beneath the illusory serenity of a close-knit Midwestern family.

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Salvation Station | A Crime Novel by Kathryn Schleich

When committed female police captain Linda Turner, haunted by the murders of two small children and their pastor father, becomes obsessed with solving the harrowing case, she finds herself wrapped up in a mission to expose a fraudulent religious organization and an unrepentant killer.

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About Kathryn

Kathryn Schleich is an author, feminist and activist in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul Metro area. She champions youth literacy and press rights.

Published Works

Kathryn’s published works seek to uncover the obvious and hidden portrayals of women in the public space. She brings women to the focal point of stories as protagonists and antagonists, and is driven to promote fellow women writers within the community.

Resources For Writers

Kathryn has compiled a one-stop shop for valuable resources for writers of fiction and non-fiction. Some blogs and sites are tried and true; others are new finds. Kathryn is always on the lookout for fresh, useful material.