2020 Writing and Life Goals

The advent of every new year for me is a combination of a blank slate and works in progress I want to complete. That include both aspirations to meet as an author and a list of unrelated targets that fall under the title I’ll call “Life Goals.”

Author Objectives:

  • Effectively promote Salvation Station during its spring 2020 publication and beyond
  • Host a successful book launch for Salvation Station in April 2020
  • Complete my next novel, tentatively titled The Woman with the Cheshire Cat Grin
  • Get said novel edited, revised, and submitted to agents
  • Continue making contacts at writers conferences
  • Enter short story contests once a month, but try to submit to two per month
  • Place in at least one contest and/or have a story published
  • Re-release my self-published novel written under a pen name, Shades of Darkness, Shades of Grace

That’s it for this year’s author goals.

Life Goals:

  • Continue the holistic approach to maintaining my Crohn’s disease I chose to undertake in fall 2019. So far, so good.
  • Lose ten pounds. Keep it off.
  • Eat healthier
  • Try not to get stressed (or make my friends/family crazy) getting my current home ready to sell
  • Be completely in charge of the decisions regarding the construction of my new home
  • Move in to new home by mid summer
  • Keep writing

I would be absolutely ecstatic if I achieved every objective, but realistically I’d settle for half (3/4 would be great too!). I know authors who aim much higher (both writing and non-writing related). They are my inspiration, so I’m giving these goals my all this year.

What goals do you want to accomplish in 2020?



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