In August, this was posted by a reviewer who had just gotten her copy of Salvation Station:

I just received my book in the mail and let me tell you, this looks creeptastically entertaining. Crime, murder and a creepy doll on the cover. I’m in!

I’m terrified of dolls, like absolutely hate them, I wouldn’t even let my daughter have dolls. 🤷‍♀️  Sorry not sorry. I knew to get the perfect picture for this I would need a doll … a HUGE thank you to my husband’s aunt for staging this! I was NOT touching that thing!

Keep checking the blog for new content and my upcoming piece! 🖤

How incredibly creative is this photo? I think it’s fantastic and have sent it to everyone I know. Blogger Ashleigh isn’t shy about her intense dislike of dolls, but it made for an unforgettable image. And she just posted her very positive review, so I am thrilled twice over.

Whether you’re an author, artist, blogger, designer, photographer, musician, singer, songwriter (just to name a few) – creativity is a gift. And it’s yours. Make the most of it!


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