A New Look for a New Day

Welcome to my redesigned website! After talking with visitors, one thing mentioned repeatedly was the difficulty of finding current blogs, resources, or other pertinent materials. With that in mind, the site has been organized and streamlined so content is easily available.

There are six main tabs, several of which will take readers deeper into the content:

  • About – My story/journey of becoming a writer.
  • Published Works – Stories and white papers I’ve published.
  • Resources for Writers – This ever-expanding section contains resources I have found helpful. As before, visitors are encouraged to add resources that have been beneficial to them in their writing lives, which will be added to the list.
  • Words to Write by Blog – The main change is a stronger focus on elements of writing – trends, guest posts from other authors, grammar and writing tips, etc. I will still comment on the other issues important to me: women’s equality and empowering young girls, literacy, and freedom of the press.
  • Contact Me – Have a question or suggestion? Let me know here.
  • ENews – Rather than a quarterly newsletter, it will be published monthly on the 15th of each month beginning in October. As before there will author interviews, important information for writers to know whether it be new publishing trends or breaking new in the world of writing. The newsletter will include summaries and access to past blog posts and there will also be a simple form to subscribe to the newsletter.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to my site, followed me, or liked a comment or page. I’m grateful for your interest and I hope you’ll continue as a part of my writing life. I look forward to moving in a fresh direction!

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