About Me

When I sat down to write my master’s thesis on the topic of the image of Catholic women in Hollywood films in 1991, I realized writing was something I loved and genuinely missed. But I hadn’t discovered the right outlet to pursue it. After my divorce in 2011, I experienced a freedom that I hadn’t before. Once I was on my own (both good and bad, but a learning experience on self-sufficiency), I began to write more.

I tested the waters with a second expanded edition of “Hollywood and Catholic Women,” which I self-published. The textbook was used at several colleges/universities in religious studies programs. Two of my short stories were published, and my courage increased. As every writer or creative person knows, it’s a big risk putting yourself out there. You can’t help but wonder, what if people hate my work?

The reality is straight forward: Some people will dislike your book, music, film, photograph, art, etc. And rejection is never easy. It stings, no matter your age or experience. Yet there will be others who love and support your work. Which is why I’ve published three mystery/crime novels under the guidance of a new publisher, a relationship that has grown into a collaborative partnership. I have had to pinch myself that people are willing to pay their hard-earned money for the stories I’ve written.

Each of these books developed out of events that happened to me or someone I know and planted a seed for a story. My third book, “Missing Pieces,” published in 2024. The reviews have been positive beyond my wildest imagination. That story emerged when I experienced an episode of Transient Global Amnesia (TGA) with no memory of where I was or what I’d done. As many authors will tell you, when something out of the ordinary happens, we think to ourselves, what if this scenario happened to the protagonist? In “Missing Pieces,” the main character finds or thinks she finds something linked to an old crime.

My second novel, “Darkness and Grace,” evolved from true-life events that happened to my family in the late 1990s. I decided to write it when friends kept telling me it was the story of a lifetime. The old adage “life is stranger than fiction” isn’t a cliché. You just cannot make this stuff up.

“Salvation Station,” my first novel, involves murder and religious fraud. I’m proud the book is a multiple award winner in suspense.

There are more stories in the works. Most of my books are set in my adopted home of the Twin Cities. I love Minnesota even with the sometimes-bitter cold, wind and snow. If Minnesota wasn’t the locale, all of my stories have settings in the Midwest. Afterall, I’m a Midwestern girl down to my toes, and this is where I belong.

Every life is a work in progress, and this has been a most interesting journey. With age comes the wisdom most of us wish we possessed in our youth. The past can’t be rewritten, or mistakes erased.  For me, storytelling provides the opportunity to articulate memories, hopes, fears, joys, and the determination to learn from my missteps and forge ahead.

Many thanks for your continued support and happy reading!