All Ready for Bouchercon

Being the planner that I am, I went through the schedule of Bouchercon panels, talks, and classes. By the time I was done, I have 17 events to attend over five days. And that doesn’t even include the James Patterson gala raising money for Literary Instruction for Texas (LIFT), held the day I arrive on October 30. Since Bouchercon is for both authors and readers of crime, mystery, thriller, and suspense novels, there is something for everyone. As an author, I’m excited to attend seminars like Ripped From the Headlines, Interesting Ways to Kill Someone, and What Really Happens When Someone is Murdered. My goal is to take copious notes, not only for my own knowledge to better my writing, but as a means of offering tips on what I learned for other authors.

Besides all of those activities, I received an e-mail from a good friend and former colleague at Northern Illinois University. Kathy had seen my name on the attendee list and noted we would be crossing paths in Dallas. It was a lovely surprise, and the two of us look forward to catching up over dinner and attending some of Bouchercon’s ample events together. Kathy and her husband, Bill, were friends with both me and my ex-husband. I have fond memories of the 11 years we lived in DeKalb and Sycamore, Illinois. In fact, my third murder mystery, currently in progress, is set in a small, Midwestern college town.

It will be especially nice having a familiar face at my first official conference. There will be lots to learn, networking with fellow authors and lovers of good crime writing, and the chance to see a dear friend. Bouchercon or bust!


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