Congratulations to prolific author, Dr. Artika Tyner, who was named the winner of third place in the 2019 African American Voices in Children’s Literature Writing Contest. Dr. Tyner’s entry was her newest book Kofi Loves Music. The book’s planned release will be held in conjunction with Black History Month.

Conducted via a partnership of two Minnesota-based publishers, Strive Publishing and Free Spirit Publishing, the aspiration of the contest is to shine a spotlight on African American voices through cultures and stories. The publishing houses seek to fill the need for picture books and young adult novels in which children of color can see themselves, while also eliminating stereotypes. “I’m honored to be named a 2019 African American Voices in Children’s Literature Writing Contest winner,” said Tyner.

Kofi Loves Music is a board book for children ages 0-4. Dr. Tyner’s book celebrates the power of music in bringing families together, embracing cultural heritage, and engaging in community-building. It also introduces African instruments which have influenced music making around the world.

Readers will enjoy learning about new instruments and having fun with Kofi. Audiences will visualize an enriching family experience where Kofi learns how to get along with others by sharing musical instruments and engaging with his extended family in creating something special. “I am excited to share the history of music in Africa,” said Tyner. “My goal is to inspire people to make music together. This will help to create a harmony of love and unity.”

Dr. Tyner’s other children’s books have also received numerous awards. She is the author of Amazing Africa, Joey and Grandpa Johnson’s Day in Rondo, Justice Makes a Difference, and So You Want to be a Supreme Court Justice. Inspiring and educational, Dr. Tyner’s books set out to expand diversity in children’s literature. Said Tyner of her ambitions, “My objective is to ensure that PPGJ’s (Planting People Growing Justice, Tyner’s nonprofit leadership organization) book collection represents offerings for all ages and the entire family.” An official book launch for Kofi will take place this fall. Stay tuned for the date, time, and location of the launch.

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