An exciting event during Women’s History Month is the Black Girl Magic Wine and Book Club. Robin and Andrea McBride, founders of McBride Sisters Wine, have come up with a terrific concept. Participants receive two bottles of their most popular wines, Black Girl Magic Riesling and Black Girl Merlot, to go along an outstanding book. The goal of the book club is to read and celebrate Black women authors across various genres, while enjoying a glass of wine. As an author, I love that membership also includes a question-and-answer session with the author.

In partnership with publisher, Simon and Schuster, the inaugural book club selection is Dawnie Walton‘s debut novel, The Final Revival of Opal and Nev. Walton has serious chops as a journalist and fiction author. She has an MFA in creative writing from the prestigious Iowa Writer’s Workshop program at the University of Iowa, she has taught numerous courses on writing, and has worked as an editor for online publications such as Essence, Life, and Entertainment Weekly, to name but a few. I can’t wait for the question-and-answer session with her as the book is described as “a fictional oral history of the beloved rock and roll duo, the enigmatic black female artist and white British folk singer who shot to fame in 1971 New York, and the dark, fraught secret at the peak of their stardom.”

O Magazine called it one of most anticipated books of 2021 and raved: “Walton’s fabulous debut novel is an utterly fresh take on finding one’s voice, on systemic racism and sexism, and on freedom of expression. That these heavy subjects don’t weigh down this hugely entertaining novel are testament to Walton’s deftness and skill.”

I attended a wine tasting hosted by the McBride Sisters and it was a blast, so when I learned of the book club, I was all in. I am excited to share in this venture, and expand my knowledge on Black women authors and discover more about their history.


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