February is Black History Month, and the theme in 2018 is African Americans in the Time of War. There will be several posts this month regarding the valor of African Americans in wartime throughout our history. The Department of Defense joins the nation in this celebration. African Americans have played central roles in some of the most triumphant and courageous moments in our Nation’s history. During National African American History Month, we honor the rich heritage of African Americans and pay tribute to their many contributions to our Nation.

“African Americans have made monumental contributions to the Department of Defense. From African American bravery in the Revolutionary War to the first African American woman to reach the rank of four-star admiral, African Americans – both military and civilian – have strengthened the Department and our nation. Their leadership, intellect, and labor continue to enrich both the African American community and our nation as a whole, and are forever ingrained into the fabric of America.” — Clarence A. Johnson, Director, Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity

Watch the video, African Americans in Military History: Breaking Barriers, for an overview of the tremendous impact and sacrifices African Americans have made in times of war. 

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