Black Youth Writing Contest

Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute (PPGJLI) will be publishing someone’s writing and we hope it’s you or someone you know!

Contest Guidelines

As long as entrants are of African American heritage, live in Minnesota, and are under 25, young authors can enter their writing here:

Topic Ideas relevant to the concept of Pan-Africanism:

  • Black history: Why Black does history matter? Who is the founder of Black History?
  • Black leaders: Who are the leaders that inspire you?
  • Pan-Africanism: What does Pan-Africanism mean to you? Who are the leaders that inspire you?

Authors can write essays on any of the three above, while answering the included questions. The winner will receive $200 and 10 copies of their published book!

Deadline for entry of submissions is December 30, 2022. We look forward to reading your work! Best of Luck!

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