Today, March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day. Like many celebrations of this type, International Women’s Day reminds us that we’ve come such a long way and that we still have a long way to go. Women are doing incredible things in this world, yet we still need to fight for our equality and our human rights as they continually come under attack.

Indeed, it’s hard to look at the progress we’ve made without also considering what remains left to do. Take the U.S. Congress – it’s now more heavily female than at any other point in our history, largely thanks to the 2018 midterm elections. And yet, women still represent less than a quarter of Congress’ total members. Or, consider Fortune 500 companies: they have more female CEOs than ever before, but women still hold only 5% of those top positions overall.

For me, International Women’s Day is a chance to pause and take stock of dichotomies like these, and to renew my commitment to fighting for women’s rights – and human rights. My hope is that our efforts today will inch us closer to the world as it should be – with women truly being treated equal to men – allowing for even brighter International Women’s Days in the years ahead.

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