I Love to Write Day

Celebrated on November 15, I Love to Write Day is not just for published authors. This special day is celebrated by many different organizations – schools, community halls, churches, and even shopping centers. It covers all genres, from novels to poetry to writing into your local newspaper with a point you’ve always wanted to make but never found the time for before. For me, there is nothing better than becoming completely absorbed in writing, only to discover that hours have gone by. Every time I write, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

The aim of the day is to get people to sit down and put something on paper or on a computer, however short and in whatever style, kick-starting their writing and giving them confidence through being part of a global movement. I Love to Write Day was created in 2002 by Delaware-based author John Riddle. Riddle has been writing for the past thirty years and has written a total of 34 books so far. When asked why he decided to create a day dedicated to the love he and many other people have for writing, he said, “My goal for I Love To Write Day is to have people of all ages spend time writing.

They can write a poem, a love letter, a greeting card, an essay, a short story, start a novel, finish a novel…the possibilities are endless. (…) People need to be challenged, and writing is but one of many creative ways to express yourself. (…) For many people, that (I Love to Write Day) will be the beginning of their writing career.

I Love To Write Day has the potential to launch the career of the next John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark, Stephen King or Toni Morrison.” An honorable goal, indeed!

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