Immerse Yourself in Vincent Van Gogh—Must-See Exhibit Closes November 19

As a writer, I appreciate many other types of art—music, theater, film, painting. My friend Caryn and I had the opportunity to attend the Vincent Van Gogh immersive art exhibit in Northeast Minneapolis this fall. This stunning exhibit takes over an entire room of a gallery, carefully mapped out and incorporating the architecture of the particular venue. The Van Gogh exhibit has been presented across the country in cities including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C.

Two photos accompany my post, but what was truly extraordinary were the videos of the Dutch artist’s spectacular paintings. You are literally immersed in the impressionist painter’s fields of brilliant yellow sunflowers, white almond blossoms against a blue sky, breathtaking purple Irises, lily pads on a pond, and the twinkling skies of The Starry Night. There are also several van Gogh self-portraits, with candles burning brightly in one, you can almost feel the warmth of the flame. A completely new way of experiencing art.

The Minneapolis exhibit runs through November 19, 2021. More info here.

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