International Children’s Book Day

Every year on April 2nd (Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday) the International Board On Books For Young People (IBBY) celebrates International Children’s Book Day. Founded in 1967, the day’s goal is to inspire reading, while calling attention to children’s books.

Each year a different National Section of IBBY is chosen as the international sponsor of ICBD. It decides upon a theme and invites a prominent author from the host country to write a message to the children of the world and a well-known illustrator to design a poster. These materials are used in diverse ways to promote books and reading. Many IBBY Sections promote ICBD through the media and organize activities in schools and public libraries. Often ICBD is linked to celebrations around children’s books and other dedicated events that may include encounters with authors and illustrators, writing competitions or announcements of book awards.

IBBY Latvia is the sponsor for International Children’s Book Day 2018.

Two of my favorite children’s books are No, David! by author and illustrator David Shannon and Justice Makes a Difference by Dr. Artika Tyner.

All of Shannon’s books are wonderfully illustrated. No, David! made both my mother and laugh out loud. We purchased a copy for my youngest brother, who is of course, named David. David was also a surprise, coming five years after my third brother, so it goes without saying that all the mischief ornery David gets into could have as easily been my little brother. There’s a series of David books – David Goes to School, David Gets in Trouble, and It’s Christmas, David! The books are a joy to read and although they’re listed for ages 4-8 years old, adults too, will get a kick out of David’s antics.

Now a best-seller, Justice is the story of one little girl’s dream to make a difference in the world. With the help of her loving and wise Grandmother, Justice learns through her love of reading important lessons in black history. This beautifully illustrated work teaches children about discovering their history, inspires them in the joy of reading and literacy, encourages them to follow their dreams, and reminds them it is never too early to make a difference. Look for more of Justice’s adventures in the future.

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