Superheroes filled the Daybreak book store in Minneapolis in early December for the launch of Justice Makes a Difference, The Story of Miss Freedom Fighter, by Dr. Artika Tyner and her mother, Jacklyn Milton. The event included Dr. Tyner and Miss Jackie signing books, a reading from the book to a packed house, and a question and answer session.

Dr. Tyner introduced Justice and spoke about her organization of social justice and change, Planting People, Growing Justice. “My mother and I, Miss Jackie, are the co-authors of this fabulous book, Justice Makes a Difference. We love young people! We are very happy and excited, because a children’s book gave us the opportunity to support efforts that are near and dear to our hearts. We created a plan at the Planting People, Growing Justice Institute as an opportunity to address some of the educational disparities and cultivate and inspire the next generation of leaders. Where does that start? With young people, because we know they are our future.”

The Planting People, Growing Justice Institute was launched last spring as an opportunity to engage in community building. Miss Freedom Fighter and her mother hope that you will join us at the rest of our events because this is only the beginning.

Book Overview:

“Words are powerful,” Grandma told Justice. “They can be used in powerful ways to do good or to do harm. That’s why it’s important to always be careful with your words.”

Justice has grown up witnessing the many ways her grandma serves the community. She wants to make a difference in the world, too, but how? Isn’t she too young?Through conversations with her grandma and their shared love of books, Justice learns about important women and men throughout history who changed the world: Ella Baker, Shirley Chisholm, Charles Hamilton Houston, Dr. Wangari Maathai, Paul Robeson, and Ida B. Wells. Justice learns how each leader was a champion for advancing justice and improving the world, and she dreams of becoming a changemaker, too—“Miss Freedom Fighter, Esquire,” a superhero with a law degree and an afro!

Dr. Artika Tyner and Jacklyn Milton, passionate educators and community advocates, Justice Makes a Difference is the inspiring story of one little girl’s realization that her name is her destiny. Click on the link above to purchase your copy today. Proceeds will help Miss Freedom Fighter deliver 1,000 free to children around the world, starting in Ghana.

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