Looking for something special for the writer in your life? I’ve added a few more writer’s gifts. Or, treat yourself. Either way these gifts aren’t just for the holidays. All of these gifts are useful, some are more fun, and there are several inexpensive options. Happy shopping!

No author wants to suffer from writer’s block. This Writer’s Block Soap is a great stocking stuffer and who knows? Writer’s Block be gone! A friend gave me this as a gift, which I found to be great fun. Available through Hallmark online only. Bar is 6oz. and ranges in price from $7.16 to $8.95, depending on sales.

Black and white mug with a black handle is this mug’s laugh-out-loud warning, Please do not annoy the writer, she may put you in a book and kill you. This mug also holds 11 oz. and is available on Amazon Prime for the same price. The only complaint I found in the reviews is the size being too small. Both mugs manufactured by 3d Rose. Want other options? The company has several mugs in various color schemes other than black and white.

Who doesn’t have difficulty writing emotions for their characters? When I came across The Emotion Thesaurus, I purchased a copy for myself (also from Amazon). I’ve found it very useful. Authors Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisa have written several books in the series. You can buy the book either new or used, hardback, paperback, or for Kindle ranging in price from under $15 to $55 depending on format and status. Published in 2012.

Once Upon A Time card game. Tell your own fantastic tales of brave heroes and daring adventure! Once Upon a Time is the award-winning storytelling card game that encourages creativity and collaborative play. One player is the Storyteller, and begins telling a story using the fairytale elements on her Story cards, guiding the plot toward her Ending Card. The other players use their own cards to interrupt her and become the new Storyteller. The winner is the first player to use all her Story Cards and play her Ending Card. The object of the game, though, isn’t just to win, but to have fun telling a story. Available on Amazon for $20-25.

The Storymatic Card Game is great to inspire not just authors, but the actors in the family practice improvisation. The booklet is full of prompts, games, and suggestions which will help get those creative juices flowing. Vintage design, light and portable, providing endless combinations. The Storymatic slogan is inspiration alone, Six trillion stories in one little box. Which one will you tell? Priced at $29.95. Similar products: StorySlam, Writer Emergency Pack, and The Writer’s Toolbox all available on Amazon.

Scrivener 3.0 is novel-writing software for both Windows and Mac. It is both a word processor and project management tool created specifically for writers of long texts such as novels and research papers. It won’t try to tell an author how to write—it just makes all the tools scattered around your desk available in one application. Scrivener provides access to the full power of the OS X text system: add tables, bullet points and images and format your text however you want. Define ranges of text as footnotes and they become footnotes when you export or print. And because the way you view your text onscreen may not always be how you want to see it in print, Scrivener makes it easy to format the printed or exported text completely differently from what is onscreen – leaving authors free to focus on the actual writing.

Whether you’re voracious reader, author, or both, Out Of Print offers scarves in a range of colors and different styles. Available on Amazon for $34.99. When you purchase a scarf you help encourage literacy as for every purchase, Out of Print sends book to a community in need. Two gifts for the price of one!

  • 100% acrylic
  • Hand or machine wash cold. No tumble; air dry.
  • Size: 145 x 17cm
  • Purchase of this scarf sends one book to a community in need
  • Medium weight

Cross Writing Collections makes all kinds of writing instruments from ballpoints, fountain, and rollerball pens as well as pencils and sets. Prices cover every budget and taste from special edition Marvel Comics and Star Wars pens to 21 Karat solid gold pens costing thousands of dollars. Writers of every genre will appreciate excellent writing tools.

Querkywriter’s retro-inspired S Typewriter wireless or wired keyboard not only looks like a typewriter of yore but sounds like one too!New wired USB mode the Qwerkywriter S can also connect via wireless Bluetooth and pair with up to 3 separate devices. This means you can connect to a tablet, a phone, and a laptop and switch among them with a push of a button. The Qwerkywriter S has a built-in integrated tablet stand that can accommodate comfortably up to 10.5 inch screens. It can also accommodate most 12-inch tablets as long as it’s less than 5/8 inch thick. Querywriter is the original mechanical retro keyboard. Price is $249 at Amazon.

When the television program, Castle, was on one of the things Rick Castle’s mystery/crime writer had was a screen saver often observed in the background, with the repeating message, You should be writing. It was both true and funny. A great substitute is this Writer’s wall clock reminding author’s what they should be doing every hour in pursing their passion. This plastic, 10″ clock is another gift that can be found on Amazon. In reading the product reviews, two authors commented that the ticking of the clock was so loud that it disturbed their writing concentration. Others said it was a great motivator. By Cafe Press, the clock retails for $24.99. Cafe Press also offers a larger version (17″) of another equally humorous writer’s clock to keep you on task. Price: $30.99.

Another fun, type-writer themed gifts is this five-piece Typewriter Coaster Set. Protect your writing space from unsightly rings. Set, contain four coasters and a replica vintage-style typewriter that acts as storage. Available on Amazon for $19.99.

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