Newberry Sin Blog Tour

This is a a great link from author C. Hope Clark’s trailer, detailing her blog tour to promote her fourth Carolina Slade mystery, Newberry Sin. It’s an eye-catching and informative trailer, and certainly another promotional opportunity worth considering.

A blog tour can be an excellent way to promote your book(s) whether you’re a traditionally published author (as Hope is) or choose a variety of self-publishing/hybrid options. Hope’s guest blog on the diverse publishing options available to writers will appear here May 7.

Hope targets her blog tour to a wide-ranging variety of blog types, from individual authors such as myself, to publishers, and industry organizations including the Small Publishers Artists and Writer’s Network (SPAN).

She does a masterful job of promoting her books online, providing coverage across the Internet. Here are just some of the links where Newberry Sin can be ordered, plus finding reader reviews.

Don’t miss Hope’s guest post!

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