Like the Gotham Writers Workshops, the organization, WOW! Women on Writing offers a variety of writing classes. Rather than a bricks and mortar organization, WOW! is a global magazine, designed to support women’s creativity, energy, blood, sweat and tears, throughout all stages of the writing process. The goal of WOW! Is to be a favorite stop for professionals, the up-and-coming, and readers.

WOW! is also smaller, and their courses offerings are limited in scope. On the plus side, while many classes are recurring, apart from a core group, WOW offerings are always changing, and they do a good job of following current writing trends.


  • Experienced staff of published authors/experts
  • Syllabus of what class will cover
  • Costs of WOW classes are cheaper than those offered through Gotham
  • Smaller class sizes for more personal attention
  • Some classes are self-study
  • All courses are on online
  • There are still writing exercises and assignments to complete, but students frequently have the option of not participating in the critique process.

I’ve taken many writing classes through WOW and found the instructors have always provided helpful critiques for improvement.


  • Limited course offerings
  • Online courses only – delivery format not as sophisticated as Gotham’s
  • Less interaction with other students

All of WOW’s courses are currently taught by a female staff (no surprise given the name), and this could be considered a Con if you’re looking for a male-point-of-view, but for me personally, all women instructors are something I prefer.

There are other options available – here’s a small sampling:

Adventures in Writing – Course is free and self-paced.

Master Class – Courses not limited to just writing, broad spectrum of topics.

Open Learn – Courses are free and include broad subjects.

Writer’s.Com – Offering online courses since 1995, costs range from $215-360 per course.

Writer’s Digest University – WD offers webinars and books, on almost any genre or writing topic.

Writers’ Village University – Cost based on membership, not individual courses.

Have experience with other online writing courses? Please feel free to share and add sites in the comments section!


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