We should be very afraid. Corporate America is intent on casting Net Neutrality aside, giving them control to decide what we see and don’t see, control the speeds at which information is accessed, and, of course, making everyone pay for the privilege.

The team at Fight for the Future won’t stand idly by. They have huge momentum right now and are confident that a flood of pressure from constituents on February 27th can win us the last vote we need to secure victory in the Senate. If they pull this off, it will put huge pressure on the House to set up for the next stage of the fight.

Don’t let the cynics mislead you. Winning the CRA in the Senate will completely change the dynamic in the House—especially for the handful of Republican representatives who have criticized the FCC’s December repeal. Advancing the CRA will create room for them to speak up, especially as we head into the midterm elections where all members of Congress are worried an anti-net neutrality stance will hurt their numbers.

But getting past this milestone in the Senate is the key first step. Please, take a second to spread the word following any of the steps above.

Don’t quite understand Net Neutrality? These two YouTube show in easy to understand terms what it is and why it’s so important to fight for the continued freedom of the Internet. The other video, while funny in a painful sort of way, demonstrates what our world would look like if Net Neutrality is lost. Are you in?

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