So You Want To Become a Supreme Court Justice?

My friend and fellow author, Dr. Artika Tyner has released another children’s book, So You Want To Become a Supreme Court Justice? What I absolutely love about Dr. Tyner’s books is that they ask and explore important questions that are not just crucial for kids to understand, but for adults as well. The book is featured in a wonderful Youtube video where she poses three questions about the branches of government, Senate confirmation hearings for nominees to the Supreme Court, and the U.S. Constitution. Kids are enthusiastically encouraged to solve problems, work together and change the world. Involvement in the the legal field can help accomplish all of these things. Not knowing all of the answers myself, I too discovered and learned much.

A civil rights attorney and a tremendous role model for girls (and boys too), Dr. Tyner also wrote Justice Makes A Difference: The Story of Miss Freedom Fighter, Esq., Joey and Grandpa Johnson’s Day in Rondo and Amazing Africa: A to Z, all of which are featured on her YouTube channel.

Justice Makes A Difference was the first of Dr. Tyner’s books I had exposure to and I was hooked. It tells the story of the loving and inspirational relationship between Justice and her grandmother, based on Dr. Tyner’s real life bond with her own grandmother. Justice’s grandmother is always giving her granddaughter books on African American history, which inspires her to set the goal of becoming an attorney. Reading this amazing book, I learned about Shirley Chisholm (the first African American and woman to run for president), Paul Robeson (an actor, singer, lawyer and activist), Ida B. Wells (investigative journalist and civil rights leader) and others. Justice inspired me to research all of these tremendous individuals and their contributions to history.

Joey and Grandpa Johnson’s Day in Rondo recounts a grandfather teaching his young grandson about entrepreneurship and the neighborhood in which they live. Rondo is same area of St. Paul where Dr. Tyner grew up.

Dr. Tyner has shared her book Amazing Africa: A to Z with a dynamic group of college students, all participants in The Scholar Network in a virtual history lesson and reading of the book.

In addition to being an attorney and director of the Center on Race, Leadership and Social Justice at the University of St. Thomas, a sought-after speaker, and founder of the nonprofit, Planting People, Growing Justice, Dr. Tyner has penned books on leadership for adults. She is truly an outstanding individual.

With her children’s books, Dr. Tyner’s multi-faceted mission as a dedicated educator is to promote literacy, teach the significance of African American history, help our young people become leaders, and to increase diversity within children’s literature. Her YouTube videos offer education and fun for any age. Enjoy!

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