February 15 marks the birth of Susan B. Anthony, one of the most important women in American history. Anthony spent her life fighting for women’s right to vote and equality for women. In 1872, Anthony was arrested for attempting to vote in the presidential election. Through her unwavering dedication fighting for the right of women to vote, she was instrumental in helping to bring about the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote in August 1920.

Over 40 years, Susan B. Anthony was an activist and leader for women’s and civil rights. Anthony’s family was also active in the anti-slavery movement. Anthony is also the only American woman to date to have her picture on U.S. paper or coin currency – she is featured on the silver dollar.

Far too many U.S. women take for granted the strides women have made in the last century, having little knowledge of their forebears who endured tremendous sacrifices to move women toward equality. On Anthony’s birthday, take some time to learn more about her immense impact on women’s fight for equality.

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