I saw my first Christmas commercial prior to Halloween. That was a surprise, but it shouldn’t be. The Thanksgiving holiday has become known more for Black Friday shopping, as deals launched well before the annual feast.

Despite the drone of of what often feels like never-ending bad news, I have plenty to be thankful for in 2022. Here are the main events and people I’m celebrating:

  • The marvel of medical science that provided me with a pacemaker to regulate my heartbeat. The technology is right out of science fiction. A monitor sits on my dresser, and technicians can access my pacemaker for offsite checkups without my even knowing it.
  • My dear friend, Artika, whom I consider my sister, took three days out of a very full busy schedule as a law professor and author to care for me after surgery.
  • Other friends such as Debra who continued to provide personal care and being making certain I had enough food in the house. All the other friends and family who kept tabs on me and offered continual stream of support and encouragement.
  •  Being able to offer support to people I care about deeply who were forced to confront unexpected trauma.

  • The gift of getting to keep our mom a bit longer. She can enjoy her family while maintaining quality of life.
  • The survival of a nephew and the beginning of his rehabilitation after a serious accident.
  •  Everyone I know who contracted the COVID virus survived without lasting effects.
  • The joy in being able to support the causes and organizations I am passionate about.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


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