Three Submission Programs Used by Literary Journals – Literistic

This is the final part of the three- part series on submittal systems. Founded in 2015, Literistic is one the newest services available.


Literistic is a submission system for literary journals, contests, and fellowships/residencies. The newest of the three submittal systems, Literistic is not as extensive as Submittable or Submission Manger, available only in the United State, Canada, and Great Britain. The idea behind Literistic was to help writers in not missing their deadlines. Filters on the application can filter out genres you don’t write in, markets that don’t pay, or journals that require reading fees.

Because Literistic is more than just a submittal service for literary journals by offering an extensive list of contest and fellowships, it charges authors to use the service. The cost of Literistic is relatively inexpensive and writers can pay monthly at $4.83 or yearly for $58.00.

There are lots of other submission systems in use. If you’d had a particularly positive or negative experience with other platforms, feel free to share your experience.



Helps writers keep track of deadlines Limited availability
Offers extensive list of literary contests Authors must pay to join
Filters out markets of no interest


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