Valentine’s Day and Love in the Air

For many, Valentine’s Day is about love: flowers, candy, a romantic dinner perhaps. In the past, I’ve written posts on a list of the most romantic books. That’s subjective, of course, as is the idea of love.

When I got divorced, that first year I hated the whole idea of Valentine’s Day. But then the day took on a new and for me, more enduring meaning. There’s still the component of love given in abundance to family members and friends. I send cards, mostly funny to the adults in my life. Over the past several years I’ve gotten in the habit of sending my niece Emily’s seven children Valentine’s Day cards. What’s so much fun is that my great nieces and nephews literally wait by their mailbox for the cards from Aunt Kate. The kids range in age from 5 to 17 and even the oldest looks forward to the cards from Aunt Kate.

The younger children LOVE getting mail. Since I know they won’t always feel that same sentiment, I enjoy writing each child a personalized card. My niece told me that one of her two boys took his Valentine’s card to bed with him each night for weeks. To know these pieces of mail are so meaningful, is sweeter than I could have imagined. She also collects any correspondence from Aunt Kate and keeps them in their individual memory boxes. There’s something wonderful in knowing I’ll be part of their memories long after I’m gone.

When my Dad died in 2005, I made sure to brighten my mother’s Valentine’s Day, whether it be with flowers, a gift, or sweets and always a card or two She reciprocates with a special surprise which I always look forward to and enjoy.

These gestures have nothing to do with romantic love. It’s the love of family and friends that I celebrate on Valentine’s Day.



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