Why Authors Write

I am not a famous author, nor do I expect to be one. I write because I love telling stories. I have had the opportunity to publish two novels to incredibly positive reader feedback. Those readers are enjoying my books, which is simply thrilling.

I recently had an experience with a young admirer named Gabby, which reminded me the real reasons writers choose to write. Gabby’s mother came to the book launch for Darkness and Grace held in April. She took home cookies depicting the book’s cover. It was Gabby’s idea for her mom to photograph her holding the cookies. She sent me the picture, which was darling, and I never would have thought to show off the treats in such a creative manner.

Gabby’s mom is the office manager at my Pilates studio and recently she accompanied her mother to the office. The owner, Debra, who is a close friend, asked Gabby if she would like me to give her my autograph. Debra provided pen and paper and I wrote Gabby a personal note, something I try to do with many readers. She was so excited to receive a purple slip of paper from an author written especially for her.

My encounter with Gabby was one of the sweetest interactions I’ve experienced. While she is too young to read Salvation Station or Darkness and Grace, I hope that an author inscribing a special note just for her encourages Gabby to discover the joy of reading and of writing.

I will never be “famous” and I don’t believe that elusive status is why most authors write to begin with. We have a desire to articulate stories and find delight in the shaping and the sharing of them. A young girl’s interest and the prospect that it blossoms into Gabby creating her own stories is an exhilarating possibility. For me, the affirmative impact authors potentially have on future generations is what matters most.

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